How To Choose The Perfect Wall Prints For Your Home

No home is complete without at least a few eye-catching, framed prints. They are a great way to bring character and vibrancy to blank walls and can really pull your space together. However, unless you’re an interior designer, choosing the right wall prints for your home may not come naturally to you and can even seem slightly intimidating at first. That’s why we wanted to put together our top tips for choosing the perfect prints to ensure that you’re feeling confident when decorating those lonely walls…

New York Print

Let Your Personality Shine

Your home should reflect you- it should be a place where you feel relaxed, confident and completely yourself. That’s why it’s so important to pick wall prints which are true to you and embody your one-of-a-kind personality! A great way to do this is by selecting Custom Wall prints which are completely unique and special to you. Thankfully, we have an incredible selection of Custom Wall Prints for you to choose from, from Custom Landmark prints to Personalised Star Maps. Find out more about our Custom Prints here

Abstract wall artwork


Make Sure It Matches the Room Style

 Your prints may look out of place or slightly random if they don’t match the feel and style of the room. If you have modern decor, then our Abstract Prints are perfect for adding that splash of colour and can work as a great ‘statement piece’ amongst the clean, minimalistic aesthetic. If your home is more rustic or bohemian, then Photography Prints or prints with warm, earthy tones work incredibly well. If your space is already pretty busy, or if you have a lot of different textures within your decor already, then a simple Typography Print is the way to go.

Family Definition Print

Size Matters

If you don’t pick the right size print for your blank wall, something will feel off. If you choose a print too large, it may look too crowded, but go too small and it can get lost in the space. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect sized wall print;

-It should take up 50-75% of the available wall space or whatever is beneath it. Whether it’s prints for above your sofa or in your hallway- chances are it’s normally a large space to fill- so when in doubt go big with your sizing or choose a stylish Prints Set to fill the space.

-A great way to help you visualise it in the room is simply by outlining different potential dimensions with masking tape or sticky notes. You can then take a step back to take it all in. It’s also a good idea to take some photos with your phone while you’re at it too. Does a large A1 landscape print look best or does a few aligned A4 prints suit the room better? Here’s your chance to readjust, try different size outlines and compare them until you find your favourite one.

-Make sure there’s at least 6-12 inches available space above your furniture to fit your desired wall print- this gives your print space to breathe and will ensure you’re getting the best effect.

If you’re unsure of the dimensions of each size- take a look at our Size Guide below; 

Printers Mews - Prints size guide

Select A Theme

Before you purchase your wall prints- decide on what theme you want. Is it an airy, laid-back aesthetic you’re after? If so, try our exotic Beach Prints to give your room that feel of escapism. Or maybe you’re looking to give your space a fashionable, boutique feel. If that’s the case- try our Fashion Prints. Whatever it is- we have wall prints to suit every taste and personality. Browse our Best Selling Prints for some inspiration if you’re struggling to decide.


Terracotta Picture Wall


Don’t Be Afraid to Go All Out

One of the most effective, trendy ways to use wall prints in your decor nowadays, is to create a Wall Gallery. If your decor is pretty basic, or if you’re renting and are not able to paint the walls- adding a wall gallery is the perfect way to make the place your own and give it that ‘oomph’ it needs. Choose your theme, select a variety of sizes, and have fun mix and matching prints from different themes to create your masterpiece. We find a mix of our Abstract and Feminist prints work incredibly well together, and our Typography and Photography Prints also look great when mixed. What’s more, we currently offer 2 for 1 across all of our prints, which works out to be an incredible deal when purchasing a variety! Whatever you choose, make sure to tag us in the finished look- we love to see your creations!

We hope this blog post has helped you in picking your perfect wall prints. We are always here to help via the Contact Us page on our website and via direct message. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @printersmews


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